Frequently Asked Questions

What are bulk rates?
The Post Office offers discounts for bulk mailings because we do some of the work that otherwise would have to be done by them (for example, sorting the mail by Zip Code or transporting the mail to a different postal facility). Everyone benefits from this "work-sharing." Mailers make an investment in time and technology, your  mailing costs are reduced and you pay less postage.

Are there minimum quantities for a bulk mailing?
To qualify for certain postage discounts, you must mail a minimum number of CASS certified pieces:
* 500 pieces for First-Class Mail
* 200 pieces for Standard Mail

How do I know if my piece is a  a letter or a  flat?
A "letter" can be an envelope, a self-mailer, folded brochure or a card that is within the minimum and maximum described. It may not  exceed 6-1/8" x 11-1/2". The minimum thickness is .007 inch (if no more than 4-1/4" high and 6" long); .009 inch (if more than 4-1/4" high or 6" long or both). The maximum thickness is .016 inch.
A "flat" can be a self-mailer, folded brochure, a large envelope, package or even a big postcard larger than 6-1/8" x 11-1/2" but smaller than 12" x 15" and up to 3/4" thick.

What is CASS?
The "Coding Accuracy Support System" examines each address in your mailing list for proper formatting and adds the +4 Zip to improve the accuracy of your mailing. All addresses that receive postage discounts must be 100% CASS certified. You can request we mail to the non-CASS addresses and supply you with the non-CASS addresses so you can update your mailing list.

What is NCOA?
"National Change of Address" allows the checking of an existing mail list to determine if a person or family has moved in the last 18 months. USPS now requires this service for maximum postage discounts.

What is an indicia?
An indicia is a mailing permit used used as a substitute for stamps.

Do I need to purchase a bulk permit?
No. Why pay an annual fee to have your own permit when you can use our permit at no additional charge when  we do the mail services. You may also use a presorted stamp for either bulk or First Class mailings.

What type of address files do you accept?
In order to process bulk mail for  your customers, we must have the mailing list in an usable electronic format: Microsoft Excel spreadsheet, Access database. CSV or equivalent files. Most proprietary applications released within the past few years will export a mail list for your use either through an "Export" or a "Save As" command. If you are not sure whether you have a usable file format, just contact us.

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