Our mailing services offer cost effective ways to process your mail for you to receive best discounts from the post office.

* CASS certification
* NCOA updating
* Address Standardization
* Zip+4
* Bar-Coding and Sorting
* De-Duplication
* List Merge
* List Maintenance
* Stamping (First Class, Standard
Mail and Non Profit Stamps)


* Addressing (Inkjet)
* Mail Matching (Personalization)
* Variable Data Printing (VDP)
* Tabbing
* Folding
* Inserting (Machine and/or Hand)
* Collating
* Sealing
* Metering
* Labeling

The preferred file format is either in excel format or comma delimited. If you do not have your own list, we work with a reliable list broker to help you rent the list you need for your mailing campaign. Lists are available to rent for a one time use or for a one year period, depending on your needs.

There are three types of lists to choose from:
* Consumer Lists
* Resident/Occupant Lists
* Business/Professional Lists


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